My Favorite Organization Articles

January is the best time of year to focus on organization. Here are some of my latest favorite articles and posts on home organization:

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Purse Emergency Kit

If you are anything like me, you like to be prepared for life’s little emergencies. The worst feeling in the world is being out on errands and finding that you are on the verge of a headache or your phone’s battery is dying and you forgot your car charger.

Below are my must-haves for my purse, so that I am prepared for (almost) anything!

2016-06-23 12.53.00

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Why I Went Back to the Old-fashioned Way of Organizing DVDs

As an avid reader of various organization blogs, I was inspired to change the way I displayed and organized my DVDs. The recommendation by most bloggers is to remove the discs from all the boxes, insert them into thin sleeves, and place them in a box or bin with homemade dividers. You can check out a few posts here and here. At the time, I thought it was a nice way to unify my DVD collection and save space.

After I spent the time doing this, I realized that there was one major issue to this method – it’s a lot more difficult for friends to see what movies you have and then choose what to watch. I also found that even though I created alphabetical dividers and organized the DVDs by name, it can sometimes be difficult to tell what movie it is at a glance (I’m looking at you, Napoleon Dynamite).

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