While I was pregnant and shopping for essentials for our baby girl, I laughed at those little closet clothing size dividers. I thought they were for moms who are even more neurotic than me. It turns out, you end up with so many clothes that it’s nearly impossible to remember which items of clothing are what size when they are hanging up in their closet – even if you group them by size.

So to make my life easier, and to save money, I made my own closet dividers with the same cute zebra patterned paper I purchased a few months ago.



  1. Print and cut out template.
  2. Measure and cut the patterned paper to the same size as the card stock (8.5×11″). Make sure to place the pattern horizontally, to maximize the number of dividers you can get on a single page. Measure and cut two pieces per piece of card stock.
  3. Spray adhesive onto the card stock and attach the paper to both sides. Let dry.
  4. Trace template onto card stock.
  5. Cut out dividers.
  6. In a document editor, make two labels for each clothing size.
  7. Cut out and glue labels to each side of the dividers.

Here’s how they turned out:

2017-09-15 13.18.20

2017-09-15 13.19.20

Any ideas for a future project? Comment below!


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