Nursery Closet Mini-Project

While preparing for baby, I felt like the nursery needed some pattern. Since we are not planning on staying in the Condo forever, I had to come up with a plan to wallpaper the closet without it 1) being permanent and 2) costing a ton of money. I decided to cover just the backs of the shelves with a pattern.


2017-05-02 10.35.23

Baby’s closet with the old paint color.


  • Stone Wrap. I purchased the cutest wrapping paper from Becky Higgins. It’s more durable than regular paper, because it’s actually made of limestone. ($7.99 for a roll of 30″x10′)
  • 20×30″ Foam core ($2 for 2 sheets)
  • Spray adhesive ($7.99)


  1. Measure and cut the foam core down to the size of the back of the shelves.
  2. Trace and cut the stone paper down to the same size as the foam core.
  3. Spray adhesive onto the foam core and attach the paper.
  4. Place the foam core up against the back of the shelves. They were snug enough to stick without poster strips or removable tape.



Closet 4-bright


Now when we move, all I have to do is remove the pieces of foam core from the closet. The total cost was $18 and the project only took one hour to complete.

Easy and inexpensive!


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