Nursery Prep

The nursery has been painted! We’ve turned our guest room into the nursery by painting it white and yellow. Before, it was light blue and dark blue:

2017-05-02 10.35.02

2017-05-02 10.34.56

Since the room is so small, we decided some lighter colors would make it feel a lot bigger. We decided to paint the 3/4 of the walls white, with the largest wall becoming a yellow called “Anjou Pear” from Sherwin-Williams:

Anjou Pear Sherwin Williams Paint Color

Here are a few “in progress” photos:

2017-05-02 20.15.27

2017-05-02 20.15.44

Here’s how the nursery looks after one entire coat of white paint:

2017-05-04 10.18.32

It already looks better, although the old ceiling color doesn’t seem to match the wall color. Adam decided to do one additional full coat on the ceiling:

2017-05-05 07.22.58

Here is how it looks completed:

2017-05-13 14.25.37

2017-05-13 14.25.42

2017-05-09 17.58.48

At 34 Weeks

Check back for more updates on the furnishing of the nursery!


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