SunRiver, St. George

In a few years, my father is planning on retiring. He and my Mom would like to move to Utah to be closer to the majority of the kids, so they have been looking at St. George. On their past road trips out here to visit, they have stopped by the retirement community of SunRiver. Last Summer, I joined them on a quick trip to stay in one of their model homes. I have to say, whoever the interior decorator is for these homes is a genius!

At the end of July, my parents and sister and I returned to scope out the model homes for a second time. Here are a few of the decorating gems I found along the way:

2016-07-20 09.32.51

I am in love with this chair and pillow. They belong together (sigh).

2016-07-20 09.42.56

Normally I avoid butterfly patterns because I think it reminds me of being a child of the 80’s (not in a good way), however in this case it compliments the green headboard amazingly!

2016-07-20 09.33.03

The use of storage chests in place of a standard dresser is brilliant.

2016-07-20 09.33.15

I don’t even know if I have to say anything, but That. Pattern.


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