Purse Emergency Kit

If you are anything like me, you like to be prepared for life’s little emergencies. The worst feeling in the world is being out on errands and finding that you are on the verge of a headache or your phone’s battery is dying and you forgot your car charger.

Below are my must-haves for my purse, so that I am prepared for (almost) anything!

2016-06-23 12.53.00

Clockwise, from top-left:

  1. COSMETICS CASE, Tory Burch. This corrals all of my emergency items so they are easy to find in my bag.
  2. DEODORANT WIPE, LA Fresh travel-lite. I like to keep one in my purse, especially in the summer time, in case I get extra sweaty.
  3. HAIR TIE. If you have thick hair like me, you know the current hair tie on your head could snap at any time. It’s always helpful to have another to replace it.
  4. CHAPSTICK, Total Hydration 3 in 1 in Coconut
  5. ALMOST LIPSTICK, Clinique in Black Honey. This can polish off your look if you don’t have time to apply a full face of makeup.
  6. MIRROR, Jenny Packham Boudoir in Gold. Because, mirror.
  7. BOBBY PINS. My hair tends to get a little crazy if I don’t throw a few bobby pins in.
  8. BACKUP BATTERY, PNY PowerPack. This will work for most devices. I use it for my iPhone and iPod.
  9. TWEEZER, Revlon Expert.
  10. HAND CREAM, L’Occitane in Pivoine Flora.
  11. SHINE ERASER OIL BLOTTING PAPER, e.l.f.. I don’t know why I have problems with shine in such a dry climate, but it seems to have worsened since I moved to Utah. These papers are nice to have for hotter days.
  12. PAIN RELIEF and PILL CASE, similar. I get headaches pretty frequently, so I always have Tylenol on hand.

What do you keep in your purses for emergencies? Comment below!


One thought on “Purse Emergency Kit

  1. Lauren W Swinson says:

    I’m a mom, so my list is a little different but some are the same. I also have the black honey lip stuff, a mirror (duh), tweezers, hand sanitizer, sometimes E’s inhaler, definitely a little portable pill tube with advil/tylenol, and of course I always have to have some random loose change, gum chunks, small rocks and receipts that I don’t know why I have. 😉

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