Landscape Overhaul Progress

Things are starting to happen outside! We have removed all of the grass and have leveled most of the yard.

Here’s a view of the side-yard, by our townhouse:

2016-06-15 12.27.15

The front now has a gravel base.

2016-06-15 12.27.252016-06-15 12.26.432016-06-15 12.26.472016-06-15 12.26.59

To do list:

  • Plan design
  • Remove sod
  • Level yard
  • Order gravel base
  • Spread gravel base layer
  • Order plants
  • Order decorative gravel and mulch
  • Plant plants
  • Place¬†weed fabric
  • Spread decorative rock and mulch
  • Install edging
  • Line flower beds
  • Replace retaining rock wall
  • Replace broken fencing
  • Replace rocks by Condos¬†sign

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