Landscape Overhaul

Because I live in Utah, it’s very expensive to keep a lawn fresh and green. As HOA president of our complex, my husband is considering adding some xeriscaping to our outdoor area. And because he is awesome, he has tasked me with the design.

I definitely didn’t want to eliminate the grass, since we are planning on having kids someday and would like to keep a place for them to play. We compromised and left two strips of grass on either side of the complex.

With the cool app Home Outside, I did a mock-up of our proposal to the other owners:

Landscape Update

I’ve selected a combination of red and tan rocks that compliment each other nicely:

via and via

On the back left side of the building, there is a small retaining rock wall.

2016-04-16 13.23.44.jpg

Since it would not match the new design, I would like to change out the existing stone to something more natural looking, like this:

For edging, I am thinking of using metal to separate the lawn and rock areas, and either a natural rock or a tile for the flower beds.

via and via

To keep with the desert theme, I am leaning towards succulents and ornamental grasses. Agaves and yuccas are really pretty.

Clockwise from top left: via, via, via and via


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