How I Save Room (and Money!) Packing for Longer Trips in a Carry-On

When traveling, I try to save the $25 per checked bag most airlines charge for souvenirs and experiences instead. This means only packing a single carry-on and one personal item, regardless of the trip’s length.

Here are a few ways I save room in my luggage for longer trips:

Konmari Folding

For those of you who don’t know, Marie “Konmari” Kondo is the New York Times best selling author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy. Her technique of organizing is to keep only things that “Spark Joy”, or make you feel happiness when you see or touch them. She has many words of wisdom in her books, but my favorite is her clothes folding method.

She recommends folding your clothes so that you can stand each piece up, which makes it a lot easier to see what you have in your dresser drawers. I love this way of folding because you can take pieces right out of your drawers and into your suitcase. Plus, it saves space!

The illustrations below show you how to fold specific types of clothing.

Principles of Konmari Folding

All images above, via

Smaller-sized Toiletries

Just because TSA only allows liquids up to 3.4 fluid ounces doesn’t mean the containers you pack have to be big enough to hold that amount. Filling smaller bottles like these saves room in your quart-size bag so that you don’t leave anything essential at home. Do a test and see how much product you use for an entire week. You’ll be surprised how little you actually use.

Travel wipes are also great space savers and you don’t even have to pack them with the rest of your liquids.

Wear Your Heaviest or Bulkiest Clothes

If you want to pack jeans, a jacket, or sneakers, don’t! Wear those on the plane. Usually the plane is freezing, so why pack your warmth away?

via and via

Any tips you think I missed? Comment below.


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