Friday Wishlist

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Style Crush: May and Ruth Bell

Ever since I watched the 2014 Elite New Face Competition on Hulu, I’ve been following the modelling careers of May and Ruth Bell. May and Ruth are twin sisters from London, and were discovered by an Elite modelling scout while on holiday in Paris.

I was super excited to see them on a giant poster while walking by Forever 21. Then they popped up in numerous Burberry Ads. I could see that they were blowing up in the fashion world. It’s easy to see why!

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Landscape Overhaul

Because I live in Utah, it’s very expensive to keep a lawn fresh and green. As HOA president of our complex, my husband is considering adding some xeriscaping to our outdoor area. And because he is awesome, he has tasked me with the design.

I definitely didn’t want to eliminate the grass, since we are planning on having kids someday and would like to keep a place for them to play. We compromised and left two strips of grass on either side of the complex.

With the cool app Home Outside, I did a mock-up of our proposal to the other owners:

Landscape Update

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