How to Dress Modestly without Compromising on Style

Hi everyone! As a Mormon, I like to dress modestly. I wear tops that cover my shoulders and bottoms that are at least knee-length. Unfortunately, most available styles do not fall into either category, so I have to improvise in how I wear each article of clothing. Here are some of the tricks that I use to dress modestly.

But first, Ryan Gosling knows best.

Ryan Gosling Hey Girl

A shade shirt is a knit t-shirt that used to be made by a Utah clothing company that you wore under your blouse in order to cover your shoulders and/or belly. Now, there are several companies that make variations. The most notable and affordable is DownEast Basics. My favorite style is the Classic Tee.


Problem: The sleeves don’t cover my shoulders, the neckline is too low or the material is see-through.

Solution 1: Purchase a t-shirt you can wear under a revealing top.

Vogue Russia

c/o Vogue Russia

Solution 2: Wear the tank under a cute cardigan or blazer.


c/o J.Crew


Problem: They are too short.

Solution: Wear a longer slip or skirt underneath.

a slip shop

c/o a slip shop


For dresses, they can pose any of the previously listed problems. I recommend wearing a skirt or longer slip underneath if they are to short, or a shirt that you can wear under a revealing neckline.


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