Organizing a Large Bathroom

In my last apartment before I got married, I had a massive master bathroom. The counter space almost rivaled my kitchen. However, more space is not always better when it comes to organizing. Here’s a few tips on how to organize a larger bathroom.

The above photos show my toiletries, cosmetics, and styling tools. When I organize a space, I like to pull everything out of the drawers and cabinets and give them a good clean.

After cleaning, I began organizing each drawer. I recommend putting the items you use the most in the top drawer. When I organize, I tend to group by type. It helps me to remember each item’s location more easily and save time while getting ready.

EL Bathroom After Drawer 1

Top Drawer – Most Used Items

EL Bathroom After Drawer 2

Middle Drawer – Cosmetics

EL Bathroom After Drawer 3

Bottom Drawer – Nail Polishes and Perfumes

Next, I wiped down the counter and placed the items I needed within reach in an acrylic silverware caddy (pictured right), which I purchased at the Container Store here. These are the items I use daily such as my toothbrush, deodorant, face wash, and moisturizer.

By the sink (pictured left), I have a pretty glass soap pump I purchased from Caldrea here and a cup from West Elm. You can purchase a similar one here.

If you’d like more posts on organizing, comment below!


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